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Dr Duane Mol

Specialist in Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeries

Duane matriculated in 1990 from the Glen High School. He studied medicine from 1991 – 1996 at the University of Pretoria and then specialized as an Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon from 1999 – 2003 at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein.

Duane is now in private practice in Alberton and focuses mainly on hearing repair surgery and nasal reconstructive surgery. He is an active member of the Johannesburg Cochlear Implant program since 2005 and is one of the surgeons involved in 94.7 “Hear for Life” cochlea implant team.

Medically speaking he has four publications to date. Duane is on the faculty of the International Otology Board of the Causse Clinique in France. He is the South African representative for the LION foundation (Live International Otolaryngology Network). He is also currently the president of the South African Cochlea Implant Group.  He is part time lecturer for the WITS ENT Department in Otology and also lectures for the department of Audiology, Speech and Hearing at WITS.





Dr Bonilla


  Arturo Bonilla, MD

  Pediatric Microtia / Ear Surgeon

Arturo Bonilla M.D. is a Pediatric Microtia Surgeon who “exclusively”    specializes in children’s ear deformities. His initial training was as a Pediatric Otolaryngologist, who specializes in children’s head & neck,    ear, nose & throat disorders in children. He is Board-Certified in     Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery and holds an additional two year clinical and NIH research fellowship in Pediatric Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery.  Dr. Bonilla received his microtia training at the prestigious Childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Dr. Bonilla received his M.D. degree at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.   After medical school, Dr. Bonilla continued surgical training for 7 more years including General Surgery, Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery and finally an additional two year subspecialty training in Pediatric Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery.

He then settled back in San Antonio, Texas with his wife and three sons. Since 1996, Dr. Bonilla has developed the largest exclusive PEDIATRIC microtia center in the United States and has performed thousands of surgeries to help children born with this ear deformity. This center is called the Microtia-Congenital Ear Deformity Institute.

What sets Dr. Bonilla apart from other surgeons is that he specializes only in the pediatric population. In other words, he only sees children with microtia and other ear deformties, but not adults. Because of his pediatric surgery experience, he knows how to relate with parents and especially the kids born with this ear deformity.

Because of Dr. Bonilla’s exclusivity to PEDIATRIC ear deformities, he does not perform the usual surgeries of a plastic surgeon such as breast augmentations, tummy tucks, liposuction, facelifts, nose jobs, etc…  Instead, Dr. Bonilla concentrates only in pediatric surgery of the external ear. He has interacted with thousands of children born with microtia and other ear deformities.

The combination of extensive experience in the head and neck as well as the subspecialty in dealing only with children have made Dr. Bonilla unique. The saying “you will never see an adult patient in my office” holds true for Dr. Bonilla.

Since founding the Microtia-Congenital Ear Deformity Institute, Dr. Bonilla has remained in private practice. He has given numerous lectures throughout the United States. He has been asked to give conferences as the sole cartilage microtia surgeon in the largest microtia and atresia conferences in the United States.

Community service has been part of the mission at the Microtia-Congenital Ear Deformity Institute. Educating children about ear deformities and other medical problems has been very successful.Even Dr. Bonillas patients have volunteered to speak to other children about their experiences with an ear abnormality. This demonstrates the dramatic improvement in self-esteem and confidence that the ear reconstruction can give a child with microtia.



Sheryl Lewin


Dr. Sheryl Lewin

Plastic Surgeon

Sheryl Lewin, MD, is a Craniofacial trained, board certified Plastic Surgeon who has devoted her career to ear reconstruction. She has performed over 800 surgeries for children with microtia. Dr. Lewin’s creative and artistic skills have enabled her to develop surgical advances in Medpor ear reconstruction that reduce scarring, improve visual outcomes, and eliminate skin grafts from other parts of the body through tissue expansion.

Dr. Lewin initially planned a career in the Fine Arts. She then focused on the study of architecture, a profession that combined her strong interest and talent in art, sculpture, design, and science. She received her undergraduate degree in Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley.  During her studies, Dr. Lewin founded a student volunteer organization called CalCare to help disadvantaged children in the Berkeley community. Her involvement in CalCare led to a turning point in Dr. Lewin’s career goal: she decided to transition into the field of Medicine, where her combination of skills could change the lives of children in a significant way.

Dr. Lewin went on to attend Stanford University School of Medicine, where she was awarded a Medical Research Scholarship to pursue scientific research while completing medical school. Following Medical School, she entered a prestigious Plastic Surgery Residency at the Universityof Southern California, one of very few residency positions at the time to combine both general and plastic surgery training. Dr. Lewin then completed advanced training with a focus on Microtia Reconstruction through a fellowship in Craniofacial and Pediatric Plastic Surgery at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA).  This fellowship was under the direction of her mentor, Dr. John Reinisch, the founder of Medpor Ear Reconstruction. After working together at CHLA for 3 years, DrLewin and Dr. Reinisch joined the Cedars Sinai Medical Group, where they continued their practice for an additional four years. While at Cedars Sinai, Dr. Lewin held the position of Associate Director of Craniofacial and Pediatric Plastic Surgery, as well as Director of Microtia Reconstruction at CHLA.




Michael Brucker


    Michael Brucker, MD. Specialist

    Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

    Areas of Expertise

    Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

    Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

    Plastic Surgery

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