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Give an Ear Foundation - Tagline
#microtiawalk2018 - give an ear foundation
microtiawalk2018 - Give an Ear Foundation


Join the Walk - We Need Partners, Sponsors & Volunteers!

Microtia Walk 2018 is an awareness event organized by Give an Ear Foundation with support from its Partners, Donors, Sponsors and Friends. We also need Volunteers!

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microtiawalk2018 - Give an Ear Foundation


Give an Ear Foundation - About Us

  • A Non – Profit Organization (Charity).
  • A South – African Based Organization.
  • Founded in 2012 by Mrs Viola Ntokazi Nwadike.
  • Working for Repair of Microtia/Atresia in Africa.
  • Non-racial, non-discriminatory, Non-judgmental.
  • Lobbyists, Campaigners, Trainers, Fund-raisers.

"Give an Ear Foundation"


Give an Ear Foundation - About Us
  • Help with access to information on Microtia/Atresia.
  • Help create Awareness for Microtia/Atresia.
  • Guide under-privilege and all other parents.
  • Educate parents of children with Microtia/Atresia
  • Assist with access to evaluation and treatment.
  • Assist with access to re-constructive surgery.
  • We are committed to raising more funds.
  • We organize conferences and other events.
"Give an Ear Foundation"


Give an Ear Foundation - Definitions

What is Microtia?

  • Missing or deformed Outer left or right Ear (Pinna)
  • Under-developed ear during first Trimester of Pregnancy
  • Can affect one ear (unilaterally) or both ears (bilaterally).
  • Microtia is often accompanied by Atresia.

What Is Atresia?

  • Missing left or right ear canal.
  • Atresia is also known as Aural Atresia.
  • Absence or closure of the external auditory ear canal.
  • Can affect one ear (unilaterally) or both ears (bilaterally).


Fresh Start Surgical Gifts

Thank you to Fresh Start Surgical Gifts, San Diego, California, USA for the gift of FREE re-constructive surgical operation for South Africa’s Master Victor Ifeanyi Nwadike. God bless you. HOPING FOR A SUSTAINABLE PARTNERSHIP towards helping as many kids on our waiting list as possible.

Give an Ear Foundation - South African Airways - SAA

A big Thank you to the management of South African Airways (SAA), for the SPONSORED flight for Master Victor Ifeanyi Nwadike and mother to access the FREE surgical gift from Fresh Start in the USA. Special thanks to Vimla and Pulane. HOPING FOR A SUSTAINABLE PARTNERSHIP towards our cause.

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Thank you to the ever-willing, ever-ready, talented and very creative Team at Bluwebpro Web Services, for the awesome Website, Web Development and Web Management Services you have blessed us with. Your contribution has helped in no small measure in creating awareness for our Foundation. God bless you.

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